Sunday, April 03, 2016


Hey guys! Recently, I have have been really enjoying doing monthly themes on my Tumblr. I am someone who likes a lot of different things and can't really stick to one genre. I post girly things, not girly things, the beach, and other things. 

Therefore, I decided to start filtering what I post by color. In February, it was red and pink. In March, it was blue. And now in April, it's back to pink since I'm super obsessed with this color now. I think making my Tumblr one color makes it look more cohesive. 

I'm really enjoying this and I hope you do too! Check out the link to my Tumblr at the bottom of this post if you're interested! 

Down below I made an inspiration board of pink things that I'm loving at the moment that inspired this color theme on my Tumblr. P.S.: None of these photos are mine. I got them off Pinterest. 


Check out my Tumblr if you're interested! 


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