Wednesday, April 27, 2016


7:45 - My first alarm goes. There are either 2 things that happen. One, my body is used to waking up at this time, so I just lay in bed and go on my phone until I absolutely have to get up.
The other option is that I hit the snooze button and fall back to sleep until ultimately, I force myself out of bed at 8:20. This is the latest time I will allow myself to stay in bed.

8:20 - Brush teeth, wash face, do skincare routine

8:30 - Do my makeup

8:45 - Out the door

9 - Breakfast at the dining hall

9:20 - Class

10:20 - Take the shuttle to the downtown campus

11:30 - Class

12:30 - Take the shuttle back to the main campus

12:50 - Lunch at the dining hall or food court

1:30-3 - Me time. During this time, I like to de-stress from the day by watching YouTube or Netflix. If not, I will take some time to work on my blog.

3-6 - Homework if I have it. Surprisingly, I haven't had almost any homework in my classes, which is great. As finals approach, I will take this time to start making study guides for tests or going over my notes.

6:15 - Dinner at the dining hall

7:30 - Workout. On Wednesdays, I like to go to a 7:30 Zumba class, but other nights I'm sorta just doing my own thing. Maybe I'll go run on the treadmill for a little bit and then come back to my room and do some body-weight exercises.

8:45 - Shower

9-11:15 - This time is either for homework, face-timing friends, working on my blog, or chilling. Recently, I've been working on my blog because I am trying to write as many posts as I can for the upcoming weeks since I will be so busy.

11:15-12 - This is normally around the time where I go to sleep. If I don't have a lot to do, 11:15 is the earliest, but a lot of the times I will stay up later watching Netflix. It really depends on the day and how much work I have for my classes.


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