Monday, June 29, 2015


 Before going on vacation this week, I decided to go to the mall and pick up some things I needed (or wanted). I decided to refill on some products that I currently love and also find some travel size products. I also wanted to buy a makeup bag that would fit not only my makeup but my other toiletries as well. 

Here are the items I bought. I hope you enjoy! 

When I saw this, I immediately fell in love. I am loving the palm tree print recently, especially as accent walls. When I opened this, I knew it was the perfect size to fit both my makeup and toiletries. I highly recommend it! 

I bought this primer because I was looking for an expensive color correcting primer, like the Stila One-Step Correct Primer. Since my face is naturally very red, I thought this green primer would compact that perfectly. When applied, this primer feels very velvety, exactly like the Benefit POREfessional Primer

There isn't really an explanation for why I bought these products. I was just looking for some neutral, your-lips-but-better products and I liked these the best.

I had seen the new green tea scent on The Body Shop's website and was really interested in smelling it. Once I smelt it, I knew I had to buy something. I think it may be my favorite scent from The Body Shop! So, I ended up buying a mini body butter because it will be perfect for travel. 

I have used the Tea Tree Water since about February and it is so amazing for my skin. I noticed a big difference when I first started using it. So, I picked up a mini size for travel. 
I also went into LUSH to pick up another Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser since every time I go into a store, they never have it. Again, they didn't have it. The saleslady said there is a ingredient shortage. She recommended me Coalface instead because she said it's basically the same just in stick form. To tell you the truth, I have used Coalface once on my back/shoulders and it was so scratchy I thought I was going to start bleeding. Let me know if any of you have had that problem.

Paris Amour is probably my all-time favorite scent from the Bath&Body Signature Collection of body care. It is my go-to fragrance. I decided to pick up another fragrance mist in the travel size because I think it's just easier. 
I also bought a mini size of the hand lotion to include in my friend's 18th Birthday gift.

I got a Beauty Blender to give it another try. I was gifted a Beauty Blender before and I didn't like how it applied. Little did I know, you were supposed to apply water to dampen it before applying your foundation. Maybe that's why I didn't like it! I decided to try it out once more before giving my final verdict.
I bought a fiber mask because it's always nice to treat yourself on vacation!
I also needed to buy a new mascara. I was thinking of getting one from the drugstore, but I have heard amazing things about the Urban Decay Perversion mascara. I decided to get a mini size to try it out. I almost never get full-size mascaras from Sephora. So far, I really like this mascara.

I bought the initial to add to my friend's 18th Birthday gift.
Francesca's was having a BOGO for jewelry so I decided to get the bar necklace for myself. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I can't believe I've graduated from high school! It went by so quickly! High school was filled with a lot of up and downs, but I am so thankful for not only the education I received but the friendships I have made and experiences I have had. I am leaving high school with the best friends I have ever had. Senior Year was the best year of my life. I accomplished so many things that I never believed I could do. I'm sad that this part of my life is coming to an end, but excited for the next chapter! Chicago, here I come! 

I hope you enjoy some pictures from the ceremony and reception.