Wednesday, June 22, 2016



Recently, I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, where my sorority had our formal. Since it was formal, we didn't really get to explore the museum a lot, even though there were 2 exhibits open. So,my friend and I decided to go back and visit since I got a free trip pass from my sorority.

I'm not a huge art fan, but I do appreciate things that are pretty. While I was there, I took pictures of the things that I loved the most. 



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Sunday, June 19, 2016


Hey guys!

I have REALLY exciting news to share with you! If any of you are interested in YouTube like I am, you will LOVE this news.

My friend Erica and I (I'm sure you've seen her on the blog before) started a YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Our YouTube isn't just ordinary, but we are doing travel videos. Erica and I love to travel together, go on hikes, and explore different areas so we decided to document it on YouTube.

Our first video is currently LIVE. It's a video of when I visited Erica at college in San Luis Obispo. It includes a hike to Bishop's Peak, a Farmer's Market, Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, and Montana del Oro.

Our channel is called C and E, which is the initials for both are names. Clever I know!

We've had so much fun planning this new adventure together and hope you come along for the ride.

Check out the link to our first video here!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


In my past summers, all I've done is hang out with friends occasionally and just lounge around. I knew that I definitely didn't want to do that again this summer, so I decided to do something about it. So, I contacted a family friend at my local Alzheimer's Association chapter and got an internship doing event planning for their upcoming walk in October. I love event planning and it's definitely something I want to pursue more of in the future. 

Since that is only 2 days a week, I decided to get a retail job as well. Through a mutual friend, I heard about this new store, called Garage, opening in my local mall. I had never heard of it before since it is a Canadian brand. It's super exciting because I am working at the first California store ever opened. It's super exciting.

There is nothing I hate more during summer than being lazy, so it's so nice to be busy. My other friends have jobs around the same time as mine so we will all be doing something productive, then be able to hang out after or on days off. 

Another thing I have planned this summer is a few trips. For 4th of July, I will be going to my family's summer lake house in New Hampshire. It is a huge tradition for the whole family to get together so I am very excited for that. 

Lastly, the last trip I have planned (for now) is a road trip to Southern California with 3 of my friends. We will be spending most of the time at Disneyland, but will also be exploring around L.A. and Malibu. It's going to be an expensive trip, but I couldn't be more excited. 

I also have a lot of awesome content planned for the blog. I'm super excited for this journey of inspiration.


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Friday, June 10, 2016


So, during the summer I have 2 jobs. The first is at a retail store, called Garage, in my local mall. The next is an internship at my local Alzheimer's Association chapter, planning their annual walk. I only work at the Alzheimer's Association twice a week and work at Garage a few times a week as well. So, if I have to work early, this morning routine does not apply. However, if I work later or do not work at all that day, this is what a typical morning looks like.


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-Wake up naturally

-Cleanse skin lightly & brush teeth
Lush Tea Tree Water Toner

Red rose tea with almond milk & sugar
quaker instant maple & brown sugar oatmeal

-Gym time
Let me know if you would like to see a gym/summer workout routine post

-Shower/Get ready for the day
What's in my shower post? 


This is normally what a typical morning looks like for me during the summer when I'm not working. After this, I will either have to get ready for work in the afternoon or hang out, work on the blog, or watch Netflix.


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