Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Hey guys! I realized that I haven't really shared any of the fragrances that I own and love. I had quite a lot, but I only bring a few at a time to college based on the season and what I am currently loving at the moment.

Since it won't get really warm in Chicago until later, some of these fragrances will also carry on until the end of the semester.

For this winter season, I decided to bring warm fragrances, some a little older so I can finally use them up. The 2 fragrances on the ends, Secret Wonderland and Twilight Woods from Bath and Body Works have been in my collection for so long that they don't even have the latest packaging.

I forgot how much I loved these scents, especially Secret Wonderland. It's a warm, almost vanilla smell that I love. 

I used to love Twilight Woods a long time ago because I was obsessed with the body lotion. Twilight Woods is definitely more woodsy, as the name suggests. It also has a little bit of a manly, musky smell to it. 

I also brought Victoria Secret PINK's Warm & Cozy, which I also have in the old square packaging. I decided that I would finally use it up because I love it so much. When I came back to college, my friend actually gave me another one of these bottles for Christmas, so now I have 2 bottles of this scent. PINK describes it as "Toasted Vanilla and Peony". As you can already tell I love Vanilla scents a lot. This one is sometimes a tad too warm for me, so I don't wear as often.

Last but not least is Victor & Rolf Flower bomb, which I got for my 16th birthday over 2 years ago. I remember being absolutely obsessed with it when I was 16, but now I'm not as fond of it anymore. I feel like it has a little bit of a very sour perfume-y smell to it. I thought maybe it was just my bottle was old, but I smelt the one in Sephora and it smelt the same. I think my nose just prefers different scents now. I still love this smell when I'm going out at night. I think it is my most sensual smell out of these 4 fragrances.
fragrances at college - winter 2016


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