Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Hey guys! Is it just me but I find that guys are the hardest to shop for. For my Dad, he always buys anything he wants himself, even leading up to Christmas. A few times, he has even bought the present we are giving him; it's really annoying. So, if any of you are having trouble buying your boyfriend, brother, or Dad a present, this gift guide is for you! 


gift guide for men

1. Wallet

Wallets are a great present to start out with because everyone uses one. I think men are pretty specific about what they want in wallet, so make sure you know what he likes. Other than that, wallets are great options. Once they find a good one, they use it forever.

2. Basketball/Football Jersey

This is great for the sporty guys. I think sometimes baseball or basketball jerseys can become a little bit juvenile, but when it's in t-shirt form, it's a bit better. My mom actually bought this for my brother because at 22, he loves sports but doesn't want to be walking around wearing a huge jersey. 

3. Duffle Bag/Luggage

Duffle bags are great, especially for the traveler. Herschel makes some really nice ones. Black is always a safe color to get for men because it's pretty basic and goes with a lot. 

4. Watch

Either men love watches, or hate them. The tech guys, like my Dad already have a device like the iPhone or iWatch and don't feel the need for a regular watch. Even though this might be true for them, watches are a great staple men's accessory especially if it's black or silver.

5. Shaving Kit

Most men shave, right? I actually bought this specific shave kit from The Body Shop for my brother because he shaves a lot and is pretty into it. This wasn't an expensive item, but it comes with a lot of nice products. If you want to go more expensive, Jack Black and The Art of Shaving have some nice products. 

6. Wine Cooler

Men are either love win or they hate it. For the men who love wine, but don't have a thermal-controlled wine cooler, it is a great present to give. My brother and I are getting my Dad this.


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