Sunday, August 09, 2015


Hey guys! Today's post is all about candles! I loooveee candles! My absolute favorite candles are winter candles because they smell the best, so cozy and warm! I also love to light a candle when it's cold outside, curl up in bed, and watch Netflix or work on my blog. 

You must wonder... "Casey, if you loooveee candles so much then why don't you have more?" Well, because candles are freaking expensive. I like to get my candles from Bath&Body Works, but even Yankee Candle is very expensive. At least for a broke teenager. I also am not allowed to have candles in my dorm in college (I'm still so upset!), so I have to use what I have first before I buy more. 

I don't buy candles very often, but when I do I buy them on sale. I love the Bath&Body Works 2 for $22 (or something like that!) sale on 3-wick candles. 

I also love getting a few of the mini candles to test out a scent before I commit and buy a 3-wick. Other times, there are some candles I smell in the store that I don't even need to think twice about buying so I just get the full size.

If you are nosy like me and love seeing people's collections, here is my current candle collection.

I bought these candles wayyy back in the day, about 7 years ago. I honestly don't even know why I haven't burned them yet. They are AMAZING Fall candles.
I loovee my mini candles!
Leaves, Marshmallow Fireside, Lakeside, Eucalyptus Mint (so fresh! one of my faves!)
Lilac Blossom. These were a gift from my friend Erica.  
My most recent purchases. Endless Weekend. Smile (Pink Lemonade Punch) and Island Tiare Flower

I hope you enjoyed this look into my candle obsession. If you have any candle recommendations, please leave them below! And don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' so you don't miss another post! 

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