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october beauty favorites 2015

I really like this concealer. I bought it because I ran out of all my concealers at like the same time so I was in desperate need of one. I was deciding between the Maybelline Fit Me (which I've had before and loved) or this one. The beauty salesperson at Target told me that they're basically dupes for eachother, so I just picked the cheapest one. I got 2 colors, Ivory and Light, because I wasn't sure which one would suit me better. Light works better for covering spots but Ivory is good for highlighting. I really like this concealer and highly recommend it. 

I've had this sunscreen for a while but never really enjoyed it. I got it when I was getting sunburnt pretty badly and wanted something a little more expensive to help. I didn't really fall in love with it at first so it just sat in my bathroom cabinet. I didn't have a face sunscreen to bring to college after finishing my Lancome one (which I loved!) and didn't really want to buy another one, so I decided to bring this one. I put it on everyday, with or without makeup and I really like it. I feel like since it is getting colder here in Chicago, I need a little more moisture in my skin and this definitely gives me that during the day without making me excessively oily. 

I got this foundation last winter and could only use it for that season because it was so light on me. Since I've gotten a bit paler while in Chicago, it is the perfect color on me. I had to buy it last year for a high school charity fashion show I was in. I would never pay this much for a foundation willingly for a pretty long time. That said, I love this foundation. It makes your skin look like skin. It smooths everything out without looking too oily or powdery like some foundations do. I highly recommend. I might be re-purchasing it in the future when I am financially stable enough to and not on a college budget. 

I got this foundation while at Target. I asked the beauty saleslady a question and in return, she gave me a bag of samples, this mascara being one of them (full size)! I've never really tried Rimmel mascaras so I didn't really know what to expect. Also, I have so many other mascaras that I need to go through before I start on another. My friend, who also got a goodie bag from Target, said that I needed to try this mascara because she loved it. So, I did and I do love it. It gives a really fluttery, curled, but full effect to your lashes. And it also smells like cucumbers which is a total plus! 

As I said before, my skin has been getting really dry with the change of temperature in Chicago. Therefore, I really have to moisturize my skin at night and during the day. I noticed that my skin was starting to dry out after using my acne face wash morning and night, so I decided to switch it up. I had been using the Body Shop Cleansing Oil to take off my makeup, so I already had it in my stash. I switched to cleaning my face with the cleansing oil in the morning and it has helped so much. My face isn't getting as dry during the day, but not oily either. I really recommend this. 

My mom bought me this leave-in spray for college and I was really excited because she has it and I always love to use it. I really love this stuff for after the shower, to detangle my hair and get it super shiny. I think it definitely helps with my frizz throughout the next day also.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I've never done a monthly favorites before, but I really liked doing it. Let me know if you want me to do a November beauty or random favorites post. Thanks so much! 

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